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Health Coaching

...is an emerging field that is filling a void in healthcare today.

While medicine is becoming more and more specialized, people with chronic health challenges need someone they can turn to for help in seeing the big picture.

Health Coaches provide the attention and human connection needed to approach wellness holistically.

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The Health Coaching relationship is a unique one.

Unlike traditional talk therapy, you are looked at as the master of your own health.

In our sessions together, I will take the time to hear your story and symptoms, and help you put together the pieces of the puzzle in order to reclaim your health.

Together we will find out what works best for you. We can draw on my experience and skills in Functional Medicine, nutrition, fitness, stress management, self-care, and much more.

We will dive deep into your health history get to the root causes of your health challenges and to help you achieve your wellness goals.

I can connect you with trusted practitioners within the community and many other resources tailored to your particular needs.

My ultimate goals are to -

Empower you to take charge of your health


Create vital wellness

“My visit with Erin

changed my life!

I was feeling

completely run down

and out of options to renew my health.

I had blood-work drawn at my last appointment with my doctor.  

The results were "normal,” yet I still had no energy and unexplained pain throughout my body.  After visiting Erin,

I  felt like there

was hope to heal my body and start

living life.  

Thanks to Erin's Health Coaching, I was able to find the nutritional supplements my body needed.

I have energy,

reduced inflammation and pain,

and a better understanding of the nutritional needs of my body.  

Thank you so much, Erin!”



Health Coaching