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“I have been a regular participant in the Integrative Wellness Circle at Pathways, where Erin has graciously offered her services as a provider volunteer. 

Erin provides a comfortable space where we all feel safe sharing life situations and learning together.  She coaches us with her holistic healing approach, and shares countless ideas such as mindfulness in eating, and whole foods nutrition. 

She encourages us to find our own way to improved health and wellness. 

She created a private Facebook page for our group and posts helpful, informative resources including great health websites.  

Participating in this group has enriched my life and increased my awareness, and I look forward to each and every gathering.

Thank you, Erin, for sharing yourself with us, and offering gentle, positive support for our healing journeys!  You rock!”



      If you want to travel swiftly, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.

- African Proverb

Integrative Wellness Circles

“Erin has a gift for

discovering and

developing connections

between people,

whether it be connecting

a client to a practitioner

or facilitating relationships

within a group.

Her warm, caring personality,

broad knowledge and

infectious curiosity

make her a wonderful guide

through the process of

learning about and

reclaiming health.”

-Maria Boda,

Craniosacral  Therapist

Wellness Circles

are designed with these concepts in mind:

A Holistic Model of Health.

Honoring the wisdom within

and bringing together the

mind, body, spirit, emotional and social aspects of each participant.

Functional Medicine.

Preventing and treating the

underlying causes

of chronic disease with

nutrition and lifestyle.

Bringing awareness

to your own bio-individuality,

constitution, metabolism and nutritional needs.

A fresh, whole-foods, seasonal, non-toxic,

anti-inflammatory diet.

Elimination diet, if desired.

Strategies for making healthy eating affordable.

An exploration of nutrition

as part of personal transformation.

Mindful eating.

What feeds your life?

What shifts are necessary for lasting change?

Finding what movement you enjoy and 

incorporating that into your life in a meaningful and lasting way.

Living green; removing toxins from your environment.


skills and practices

for healthy eating, exercise,

sleep, stress management,

and overall wellness.

Circle members are connected with a private social media page, and support each other

between meetings:

sharing progress, resources, recipes,

discussions and support.



Wellness Circles include:

  1. In-person sessions

  2. Small groups

  3. Elimination-diet plan, recipes, cooking and shopping ideas

  4. Journaling, mindfulness, and stress management

  5. Private social-media curation, and initial moderating

Additional Benefits:

  1. Discount on pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

  2. Discount on One on One Health Coaching sessions.

Allow me to put together a Custom Wellness Program

for you

For your clinic, workplace,

or group of motivated friends.

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